Letter: Global warming

February 16, 2014 

Responding to the assertions in Joseph Dewey’s climate denial letter of Jan. 28: no, no, no!

No, no one calls “this (current) cold spell ... global warming.” We call it winter.

No, the letter’s egregiously inaccurate “flat (temperatures) since 1998” assertion neither supports nor debunks the “we are still experiencing global warming” pseudopremise. It does, however, ape the denialist penchant for cherry-picking. Use 1997 or 1999, for example, as the starting point and the warming trend is clearly apparent. The 2001-10 decade is empirically the warmest on record (since 1850). More empirical evidence (analysis of Milankovich cycles by Imbrie, for example) indicates that Earth should be experiencing a cooling trend rather than the current hiatus. That is further proof of anthropogenic forcing.

No, climate science is not similar to a cult. Neither is climate denial; it is precisely a cult, the Cult of Denial.

Like Mr. Dewey, I have an issue with alarmists. But the far more serious issue is with those who insist on repeatedly hitting the snooze button on the climate change alarm clock. Current earthlings will likely experience relatively mild effects of human-induced climate change. Cult of Denial, however, condemns future generations to an ugly future.


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