Letter: Morality

February 14, 2014 

When I consider the current widespread acceptance and approval of homosexuality (not to mention abortion, pornography, glorified violence, gambling, and socialism), I am reminded of one of those hypnotism shows at the county fair. A persuasive person can convince a willing participant to believe that he is a dog, a baby, or Napoleon, until the one who was granted control snaps his fingers and the subject suddenly realizes how foolishly he has been behaving, and sheepishly slinks back to his seat.

However, the analogy apparently breaks down. After all, if Oklahoma City, 9/11, Virginia Tech, Newtown, a host of fallen soldiers, and impending national financial ruin hasn’t woken this country up to the fact that it has voluntarily subscribed to a plethora of absolute absurdity, I wonder if it’s possible for any finger-snapping to be loud enough to accomplish it.


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