Letter: Rep. Luker’s bill

February 14, 2014 

I think Rep. Luker’s bill for the faithful reeks of discrimination. The bill was supposed to protect the faithful from having their licenses revoked for refusing service to homosexuals. The only place I could see a need for such a bill would be for pastors and justices of the peace. This is especially so since he could give no instances in Idaho of this actually happening. If people don’t want to serve homosexuals, I suggest they find another line of work.

My parents once sold a mattress to a gay couple. I didn’t think it was wrong. One of them actually told me, a woman, I looked sexy. I once had a gay teacher who was greatly hurt by those who hated him just for being gay. He was one of the kindest guys you’d ever hope to meet and quite competent. I would say, based on the emergency personnel exception, that Luker is not void of empathy for the homosexual, but he has a long way to go.


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