Letter: Add the words

February 14, 2014 

It is appalling that people flying the mantle of religion would so openly choose to further make discrimination of “others” the law of the land. Have religious people of every stripe that historically endured persecution learned nothing? Is there no collective memory of the time when they did not run the Statehouse? These groups would rather enshrine their way of thinking as the only way in perpetuity, and use any and all means possible to oppress and dehumanize their own family members, neighbors and co-workers for years to come.

Shame on lawmakers and lobbyists bent on keeping Idaho a backwards, exclusionary state. A baptized Christian, I am ashamed to see the Jesus I grew up loving falsely represented by some “people of faith” who want their views to trump the constitutional rights of their fellow citizens. There is no threat to religion when all citizens enjoy equal protection; this is a baseless claim. Politicians need to stop this folly of pseudo-persecution and do something meaningful to pass legislation that will protect, rather than exclude and discriminate against, all Idahoans. That is your job. Just Add the Words to the Idaho Human Rights Act and get on with it!


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