Letters to the sports editor: Sunday, Feb. 9

February 9, 2014 


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Erik Fisher:

Kudos to Erik Fisher and his supporters for making it to Sochi. Olympic athletes have plenty to concentrate on to make the team without the distraction of raising money to attend the Games.

Fisher was faced with the distraction of raising 50 percent of the necessary funds; the Olympic committee provides the other 50 percent.

Earlier this season, Erik was at Tamarack Resort, where he met Doug Dvorak, a member of the board of directors of the Tamarack Municipal Association. Other members of the Tamarack community, along with Midas Gold, joined Doug by raising the necessary funds to send Erik to the Olympics.

My hat is off to these great residents of Valley County for their support of a fellow Idahoan.

Godspeed, Erik.


Boise State basketball

BSU’s problem, in my opinion, is coach Rice. BSU controlled the first 30 minutes against San Diego State with tenacious defense, hustle, 3-pointers and mid-range jumpers. Then, with a double-digit lead, we changed everything.

They took Watkins out of the game with their “bigs” and we didn’t have Drmic, Bropleh or anyone taking any shots. Everything went inside and most were blocked. Why do you vacate a game plan that was working so well?

Everyone is going to blame Marks. It is not his fault. Duncan missed a couple of 3-pointers, gets three fouls and he is on the bench most of the second half? Elorriaga is in a bit of a slump, but showing signs of coming out of it, and he sits the whole game?

You can coach out of nervousness, use late timeouts to make some changes. Coach Rice apparently doesn’t agree. He spends all his game time arguing with the admittedly somewhat inconsistent referees. That won’t help.

I’m sure coach Rice is a nice man, but he should take the blame for all these heartbreaking losses. The coaching has not been good. I hope coach Rice will be introspective.


The basketball team is not finishing games, especially when leading. Coach Rice thinks it’s a “disease.” That sure ought to give the team some confidence.

When behind in close games, the motion weave and screen seems to be working (although they should change the speed at times).

When ahead with 10 minutes left, the offense spreads to open driving lanes and the motion that has worked well stops moving.

Then they rely on the skills of D. Marks to score. He is a great player, but opposing coaches know how to defend him. Use the skills of other players to shine by having Marks do his thing by driving and drawing the defense in. Instead of the supporting players staying spread, run to obvious open spots on the floor so Marks can drive and/or dish to the other very good shooters.

The scoring percentages will go up and the other players will be overjoyed to be included in the ecstasy or agony of the waning minutes or seconds of the game.

It really appears that the Broncos are running the clock and trying to not lose, instead of attacking to win.

Lead by 14 — win by 28.


California recruits

This is for all you California haters: Several Boise State recruits, signed or committed, are from California. BSU would still be a junior college if not for the Golden State. Just sayin’.


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