Letter: God-given rights

February 8, 2014 

This time of year we are inundated with cries of human rights. The gays line up to march and proclaim their pride as a human right. There is no such thing as human rights. Rights come from our Creator and are inalienable. Man can pretend to give rights but they are not rights at all. The city-state of Sodom and Gomorrah not only approved, excepted and condoned the action of the men in the public square but defended it. Their end became a lasting monument to man’s attempt to defy God.

To further expose the hollow sound of the “human rights advocates,” who mostly advocate abortion rights: How about the sad cries of 50-plus million murdered since 1973, when the Supreme Court ruled that abortion was legal? The mystery of the life of the unborn child in the mother, with modern equipment, clearly shows that the child is alive, not just a blob of tissue.

Our Creator has given us the right to liberty and life. Let us return to his standard or we may become just another dead sea of history.

STEVE TANNER, Bonners Ferry

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