Letter: Civility

February 7, 2014 

Richard Sherman of the Seattle Seahawks reminded us once again that lack of civility is a detriment to the fabric of our society. Words that are coarse, discourteous and inflammatory make life painful and hostile. Crude words show a lack of refinement, courtesy and respect for human dignity.

Quarterback Peyton Manning amazes us with his demeanor on the field and before the national press. He sets a tone for greatness, sportsmanship, professionalism and civility. He makes one proud to know that our greatest athletes need not be crude, rude or “in your face.”

We rightfully express deep concern and sensitivity for our physical environment. We appoint agencies to guard against pollution, oil spills, carbon monoxide, etc.; but we seem to feel free to use put-downs, name calling and character assassinations in the public and political arenas.

I’m not suggesting we be soft and docile; but I am suggesting we be more civil, gracious, gentle and respectful in a world that is fast fading in civility, respect and refinement.

Civility is what gives savor to our lives, relationships, marriages and communities. Much of the admiration the BSU fans had for Coach Petersen was his respect for his players and opponents.

Morris Bastian, Boise

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