Letter: Government

February 7, 2014 

We continue to sink in a quagmire of political dysfunction. What has “We, the People” become? We, the Party. The three levels of government created in 1776 have lost their function. Laws passed become the law of the land but are quickly altered by the president under pressure of special-interest groups. The law then is no longer the law passed.

We are sinking in a

$17 trillion debt hole where escape is not possible. We see a divisive executive and legislative branch. We question the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

The Norman Rockwell America does not exist. We have fostered a dependent society and failed to promote independence. Unemployment and people on food stamps have reached record highs. We have failed to see the causative factors.

Would incentivizing small-business growth benefit this country by providing jobs and thereby taxpayers? Would placing more responsibility to the states decrease the federal bloat? Redistribution of wealth and control is the dream of a dictator.

We have given the next generation a path to serfdom.

Karl Olson, Meridian

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