Letter: Public lands

February 7, 2014 

Referring to an article on page A4 of the Jan. 23 edition, “Industry wants Idaho in charge of pollution,” reminds me that some people want the federal government off the lands as well as the waters of our beautiful Idaho. If history in the USA and current events in other countries are sources of information for use in such major decisions, soon waters now available for fishing, boating and swimming will become so polluted as to be useless. Lands now available for camping, hunting, hiking and other recreation would be in private corporate ownership and “Keep Out” signs would greet most of us.

Contact your Idaho state senator and representatives to let them know that you do not want Idaho sold to the highest bidder or to the private interests with the largest lobbying budget. We need federal and state regulatory oversight. The state and federal agencies just need more money to do their work.

Bill Brudenell, Boise

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