Letter: Common Core

February 6, 2014 

I am a high school senior, so I’ve escaped the brunt of Common Core, but I’ve still had first-hand experiences with it, in addition to seeing how it affects the education of my seventh-grade sister.

It is my opinion that Common Core takes away opportunities for children to see what areas they excel in. For example, if a student really enjoys math because it’s something that he feels comfortable doing but hates English because his mind just isn’t built that way, he might lose that love of math if he is required to write essays (I have an essay due in my math class) or participate in Socratic Seminars (my sister just had one on ratios) in his sanctuary of math class.

From what I’ve seen, the intermingling of the subjects is causing only confusion and stress. Yes, I can understand how it is theoretically beneficial by preparing us for jobs and life in general, but the cost is too high. We shouldn’t have to give up a student’s individuality for equality of results.


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