Idaho's Labrador predicts Boehner's demise, may seek leadership post

February 5, 2014 

The Capitol Hill newspaper Roll Call reports that two-term Idaho GOP Rep. Raul Labrador says his party needs new leaders and he "is not ruling out a run for leadership himself."

Labrador told CQ Roll Call Tuesday that House Speaker John Boehner should lose his post if he brings immigration reform to the House floor this year.

“I think it should cost him his speakership,” Labrador told Roll Call's Matt Fuller.

“There is a hunger in the conference for bold, visionary leaders, and this is not just conservatives — you talk to more middle-of-the-road members of the conference, they’re kind of frustrated with the direction of this leadership, and they’re looking for ways to change that,” Labrador told Roll Call.

Labrador, an immigration lawyer from Eagle, had been part of an eight-member group — four Republicans and four Democrats — working on immigration reform. But he withdrew over concerns about health benefits for undocumented residents and said President Obama couldn't be trusted on the issue.

Labrador will likely face state Rep. Shirley Ringo, D-Moscow, in the November general election.

The Roll Call story had two versions late Tuesday. The first story, published about 6 p.m. Eastern Time, was headlined, "Tea Party Member Predicts Boehner Will Lose Gavel."

An hour later, Labrador was on the horn to editors. After reviewing reporter Fuller's notes, Roll Call revised the story and changed the headline to "Is Boehner's Gavel on the Line?"

Roll Call's Christina Bellantoni wrote a lengthy column explaining what went wrong and detailing the paper's edits.

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