Letter: Misplaced priorities

February 5, 2014 

Kuna has an aged downtown with few pedestrian facilities. The downtown lacks sidewalks, curbs and stormwater drainage. We can’t walk to either the store or the library, and there is no way for a wheelchair to get across the train tracks. I can see the mayor’s house from City Hall, but I can’t walk there.

At the same time, the city supports quarter-million-dollar studies for long-range projects that can never be funded. They even supported the fourth railroad overpass study in 20 years. Now, they support $200,000 of engineering for a cute traffic circle. After $1 million for construction, we will be able to drive in a circle, but the kids still can’t cross the tracks, get to the library or even walk to a store?

We could fund every transportation need in our city for less money than the cost of the cute traffic circle or all their studies. This project money would actually stay in Idaho, too. A recent household survey told them to do sidewalks first. Our city seems to have misplaced priorities.


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