Letter: Trapping

February 4, 2014 

With all of the talk about coyote trapping, it is time that we look at our state laws, or lack of, concerning trapping. I was hiking with our mini-Aussie on an established hiking path off Crestline Road near McCall when she stepped into a trap that had been placed on the trail. It was horrific! McCall Fish and Game officers were compassionate, but informed us that trapping is legal on all public lands. They contacted the trappers and “strongly urged” them to remove their traps from the recreational area, but had no legal authority to enforce the removal of the traps.

Idaho laws state that trapping is legal virtually year-round on public lands. Traps need to be marked with the owner’s ID number and be placed merely 5 feet from the edge of a trail. They are encouraged to stay out of recreational areas, but there are no legal ramifications if they do set traps on or too near trails. No notice of trapping in the area is required for recreationists. We need trapping regulations protecting citizens and pets using “public lands” for recreational activities.


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