Letter: Local control

February 4, 2014 

Fear and loathing of the federal government is a common theme expressed in some letters to the editor and guest opinions. When I encounter an opinion expressing a preference for “local control” rather than the federal government mandate(s) for whatever the subject is, I ask, “What have the locals done to improve things?” More often than not, the answer: “Nothing.”

The debate over the Common Core Standards for education has some things in common with the debate about the Affordable Care Act. Too many of the people complaining about being given guidelines for educating our children are the same ones whining about having to buy auto and health insurance, get vaccinations, drive at a reasonable speed, pay taxes for infrastructure and services or limit the number of fish they can catch and keep.

One reason the federal government has stepped in is the states and communities haven’t shown the initiative, leadership and courage to create effective programs that offer better education for our children and health care for us all. Let’s see some tangible evidence that we, the locals, have better ideas, not just “boogie man” stories about our fellow citizens who want us to step up our game.


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