Cold front moving into Western Washington, could break records

Staff writerFebruary 3, 2014 

A cold front moving into Western Washington this week could break records as temperatures plunge to nearly 20 degrees lower than normal.

The National Weather Service said lows will be in the teens, with the coldest morning in Tacoma forecast to be 12 degrees on Thursday. Highs for the week will hover in the mid-30s.

There’s a chance to break or tie records for lowest high temperatures Wednesday to Friday. Here’s a peek at the current record holders and how they fare against this week’s forecast:

Wednesday’s record is 34, set in 1989. It is forecast to be 35 this week.

Thursday’s record is 37, set in 1949. It is forecast to be 33 this week.

Friday’s record is 38, set in 1994. It is forecast to be 35 this week.

“It’s very cold,” said Weather Service meteorologist Andy Haner. “These are some of the colder high temperatures we’ve seen for this week of the year.”

He said the cooler temperatures usually don’t pop up until late February but an air mass stemming from the Yukon is adding an extra chill to the week.

Despite the cold, setting records for low temperatures isn’t as likely but is still possible. Wednesday’s record low at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport is 18 degrees and Thursday’s record low is 20, both set in 1989.

The Weather Service said precipitation returns to the area Saturday and there’s a good chance it will start as snow.

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