Letter: Minimum wage

February 3, 2014 

Republicans have messed up, and they know it. They jump-started the public-private partnership commercialization plan in 2002. It’s the “we can do it better” government by chambers of commerce, development boards, ALEC, business welfare queens, and non-Idaho plutocrats. Patriotism and homeland security were the inroads.

How’s it work? Public-sector money is forever “open for business” plunder. Hooray: you’re the “consumer.” Since Idaho is now officially a nondemocratic republic, there’s nothing in the way. Free at last! Citizens can snooze, we’re being “taken” care of (?). Except for one problem.

What it means is government isn’t working for all Idaho’s people, the real economy or justice anymore. It doesn’t govern anymore; government has hung out a shingle: “Open for business” only.

That inequality and justice don’t fit the state’s self-chosen plutocrat’s agenda means they’re off the table. Stand up for that and lose your job, because what plutocrats do best is control “the hearts and minds” media discourse selling garbage ideas as truth, freedom and the American way.

People need money to live, and that means raise the minimum wage. Citizenship is do it yourself, because corporatized legislators won’t. Please, be an active citizen. Go to raiseidaho.org, and get the signatures.


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