Letter: Precious metals

February 3, 2014 

Somebody help me out here. Everywhere you look there are ads urging you to buy gold, buy silver, don’t wait, money is becoming worthless, further devaluation is inevitable.

Don’t miss out! Well, if that is so, then why is everyone wanting to trade their precious metal(s) for my worthless money? Are they on to something that I’ve overlooked?

Kind of reminds me of a few years back when pay telephones were all the rage. Buy, buy, buy, they were saying. Put them in hotels, airports, cafes, etc., then just stand back and watch the money roll in. Don’t miss out! Hmm, could it be that they knew something we didn’t way back then. Try to find a pay phone now; there aren’t any.

DON L. LAYNE, Cascade

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