Letter: Faith healing

February 3, 2014 

Rep. Christy Perry, of Nampa, is a charming, conservative, Republican gun shop owner with a favorable ag rating. As such, she can probably go as far as she wants in Idaho politics. However, it is disappointing to learn now that her moral compass has a bent needle telling her it is OK for children to be sacrificed on the altar of religious freedom and parental rights.

Normally it goes without saying, but I guess I need to remind my legislator: All individual rights and freedoms end at the point where they endanger or harm another. That includes parental rights and religious freedom.

We cannot simply look away while religious zealots allow children to die of a curable illness such as appendicitis or pneumonia. Those parents should have the threat of prosecution over their head when a coroner finds the child’s death was preventable with readily available medical attention.

Had I known Ms. Perry’s views the last time she knocked on my door, we’d have had a much different conversation.


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