What’s new at your Treasure Valley libraries

February 2, 2014 



“The Invention of Wings” by Sue Monk Kidd

Fiction. “The Invention of Wings” follows the lives of two great American women: one a lady, and the other, her slave. Both girls yearn from a young age for empowerment, liberation and for their voices to be heard. Set in 19th century Charleston, this makes for a riveting tale.



“Going Home Again” by Dennis Bock

Fiction. Dennis Bock’s third novel is a contemporary and fresh look at relationships: husband and wife, brothers, father and daughter. Charlie Bellerose is a successful businessman with a foot on two continents. While tending to his language schools he is also dealing with the painful dissolution of his 20-year marriage and life in Spain and fear of estrangement from his young daughter. He travels to Toronto, where he stays with his older brother while starting up a new school. It is here that he reflects on earlier loss, revisits portions of his past and learns more, much more, about his brother and himself.



“My Notorious Life” by Kate Manning

Adult fiction. Inspired by the true story of an infamous female physician who was once called “the Wickedest Woman in New York,” this book is a mystery, a family saga, a love story and an exquisitely detailed portrait of 19th century America.



“The White Lie” by Andrea Gillies

Fiction. The Salter family orbits around Peattie House, their crumbling Scottish Highlands estate filled with threadbare furniture, patrician memories and all their inevitable secrets. While gathered to celebrate grandmother’s 70th birthday, someone breaks the silence. The web begins to unravel.



“Forest of Wolves” by Erin Hunter

Juvenile fiction. In the latest installment of the Seekers: Return to the Wild series, the four bears have reached the mountains where Toklo spent his cubhood — but they soon discover that the home Toklo has returned to is nothing like the one he remembers.



“The Signature of All Things” by Elizabeth Gilbert

Adult fiction. The story begins in January of the year 1800 with a young girl, Alma, entering the strange world of her parents. Her father came from a lowly gardener’s family in England living on the estate of a world-renowned botanical collector. With no plans to continue in his father’s shoes, Henry becomes a botanical purveyor of rare medicinal plants and builds a fortune. His daughter Alma and their adopted daughter Prudence are raised in an unusual and intellectual environment.

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