Book Review: ‘Grandmaster’s King’ is suspenseful till the end

February 2, 2014 


    by Michael Weitz (Boise); Musa Publishing ($4.99 e-book)

When amateur sleuth Ray and his friend Carla visit Charles, a college friend who is in town for a chess tournament, they have the misfortune of finding him dead. The hotel room is staged to look like he took his own life, but Ray has many questions and does not believe Charles would commit suicide.

Ray follows his instincts and tries to find out what Charles was doing recently that would have led to his death. He interviews other players from the tournament.

But the more answers they find, the more confused Ray gets. And the questions keep multiplying — as well as the bodies — when another chess player turns up dead. On top of the murders, it seems someone is trying to get to Ray when his house is broken into, his tires are slashed, and he is stabbed in the back.

My take: “The Grandmaster’s King” is the second book in the Ray Gordon series, and it is definitely a great addition. I thoroughly enjoyed this story as Ray helps solve the investigation of his friend’s murder. The humor and suspense elements are so entertaining that I read this in one sitting. I am not a huge chess player, but the author creates a world that I found very interesting, and I have gained an appreciation for the enjoyment that the game brings those who love it.

I really enjoyed Ray — he is a wonderful character that gives his heart and is tenacious enough to find the truth even when dealing with the not-so-tenacious police officer. I absolutely loved Carla as well, and I was so thrilled with the way their relationship was headed.

My rating: I highly recommend this book for those who love a great murder mystery, witty dialogue and appealing characters.

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