Letter: Wolves

January 29, 2014 

A couple weeks back some of my neighbors upriver watched a rather interesting incident right out their front doors. A pack of Canadian gray wolves had taken down and were tearing apart a cow elk. Given the number of pets, elk and deer that have disappeared and the human encounters that have taken place here the last few years, first, it would seem we need a different approach. First, how about classifying them as predators rather than big game animals?

The uproar from the city-dwelling dog lovers in the Treasure Valley over the state’s hiring a professional hunter to exterminate two packs got me to thinking: We need a better plan. Instead, every time we need to reduce wolf numbers in the mountains, let’s humanely trap them all. The wolves can be hauled to the Treasure Valley Foothills adjacent to Boise, Nampa and Caldwell to be released. The Valley folks can then enjoy the “free-roaming” packs to their heart’s desire, as we do in the mountains year-round.

Maybe then they will understand why the folks outside the metro areas are not as fond of this invasive species as those in cities.


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