Letter: Economy

January 28, 2014 

I hope our elected leaders read this.

I used to consider myself middle class, but with all the increases in cost of living, now I'm the working broke. Not poor, but broke. After paying my house payment, auto insurance and our constantly increasing utility bills (even though we’re using less), after getting the price increase on health insurance for my spouse — I find that I now even have to cut back further.

What this means to all is very few, if any, restaurant visits. No movies, theater or concerts. No unnecessary items from food to clothing, electronics, nor improvements to the house, nothing. Just basics, veggies, meat and seasonings, clothes only when needed.

Please tell me again how this is affordable? I really feel for those on minimum wage. You are destroying the lower middle class. I don’t have it bad, but man you’re making it tougher for me getting closer to retirement.

Corporate greed is hitting an all-time high. $1.50 or more for a 10-ounce can of soup, insane I tell you.

You want to help. Get gas down to $2 or less a gallon and the economy should take off, with less greed, of course, and better ethics.


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