Letter: Help the citizens

January 25, 2014 

Recently there was an article on what the business leaders with their well-paid lobbyists want in the next legislative session. Then we had Gov. Butch Otter’s list. Who represents the hard-working middle class, the elderly, those on fixed incomes and the children?

1. Idaho needs to have the sales tax removed from food — to help mainly those on fixed and lower incomes.

2. We need the expansion of Medicaid to insure those that won’t be insured otherwise — especially since it won’t cost the state for the first three years and then little after that.

3. Idaho needs the minimum wage increased.

4. The state needs to improve education so we can attract more businesses with our better-trained workforce. This means requiring more mathematics and science. It also means having the latest technology available and being taught. This means paying teachers well so that we attract the best.

5. Idaho needs to set limits on fees and interest rates charged for payday loans.

If you feel any of these or other issues need to be heard, please contact your legislators and the governor. No one else will speak for you.


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