Letter: Dano Savino

January 25, 2014 

What a “pleasure” (and I use that word very sarcastically) to see another ranting and raving from Dano Savino. I worked (past tense) at the Statesman for over 12 years and have never seen so many useless opinions from this man. All I can say to Mr. Savino is .... if he doesn’t like what is going on with the government or anything he has spouted about, then move up to the great north, or down south with all of the drug lords and poverty. Either place he picks would be sufficient.

Freedom is freedom and government is government. I suggest he try and run for any office, since he thinks he can do a better job. Both countries, north and south, would welcome him, not to mention the people in Idaho tired of hearing his ranting and raving. Get a clue.


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