What every busy gardener needs: A shotgun


A marketing video from Flower Seed


Shotguns can now create life instead of destroying it, thanks to Flower Shells, ammunition loaded with seeds instead of lead pellets.

The shells are standard 12-gauge shotgun ammo that you can load into a gun and blast into the soil.

To ensure that seeds are planted at the right depth, each shell contains just enough gunpowder to be in proportion to the seeds loaded inside.

You can blast your garden or flower beds with your choice of cornflower, daisy, poppy, sunflower, clematis, columbine, lavender, sweet pea, lupine, carnation, peony or an assortment of wildflowers.

Flower Shells are the creation of Per Cromwell, an innovator/artist at Scandinavian creative lab Studio Total, the makers of iRock and No More Woof.

“From early on I liked gardens more than gardening,” Cromwell states on the project’s Indiegogo page. “Hours and hours of weeding, seeding and cutting and all I could think of was, how could this be made more fun? One day when seeding some meadow flowers it struck me, this could be made much easier, faster, better using a shotgun.”

Flower Shells are back-ordered until February, but you can purchase a gift certificate in the meantime.

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