Mobile home: Historic Knudsen House will move Monday

January 22, 2014 

Moving day It’s quite a sight — a big house braced on wheels, high above its lot at 6th and Franklin in Downtown Boise. It’s all in preparation to move two blocks west to 8th and Franklin. Owner Burr Boynton said the historic house will move at 9 a.m. Monday morning.

Moving parts The move, which will save the historic house while making way for the state’s new parking garage, has been delayed several times to align the various moving parts including the mover, state, city and utilities. Crews demolished another historic house at the new site in preparation for the move. This raised some ire among local preservationists, but the Boise City Council OK’d the process.

Moving history Boise business icon Morris Hans Knudsen — one half of Morrison Knudsen Co. — built the Dutch Colonial Revival style home in 1905. Knudsen lived there with his wife, Emma Knudsen, from 1912 until his death in 1943. The building was converted to offices in the 1980s by graphic design firm Omni Studio Inc.

Moving on Boynton has other improvements in mind: The move is “one step in rehabilitating this house, but it’s a huge step, of course,” Boynton said. “The landscaping is pretty involved. We have to provide parking and meet all of the regulations. ... Once it’s set on the foundation, I’ll be relieved. Then I can go to work getting it ready for occupants.”

Moving pictures See a video from the site at

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