Letter: Less fortunate, II

January 22, 2014 

In response to Mr. Lugar and the reaction to the Salvation Army bell ringer:

Mr. Lugar should keep his politics out of the press when it involves giving to the less fortunate. It's not a Democrat or a Republican issue. It is, however, about helping out with whatever you feel comfortable giving. If every Idahoan gave 28 cents to the Salvation Army bell ringers during the holiday season, it would amount to $448,000. That amount of money really helps with rehab and operations but it's just a drop in the bucket for what is really needed.

Raising the minimum wage is a good idea and I agree with Lugar. Just think if the minimum wage is raised, there would be more tax revenue available to help offset the cost of food stamps and unemployment insurance and just maybe some of the unemployed may decide to look for work in other fields or accept a job that would at least keep the wolf at bay until the right job is found.


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