Letter: Job creation

January 21, 2014 

In an article Jan. 4 concerning Idaho’s labor problems, the director of our Labor Department was quoted: “We’ve been creating jobs because of a need to create jobs and bring the unemployment rate down ...” Before finishing the quote, what the heck did he just say? If the reference is to the Labor Department, what role, except for staying out of the way, did they play? He goes on “... now we need to push for more job creation in skilled areas.” This follows with “Employers are saying they are not getting employees they need at any level as far as skills.” If a significant number of employers are really saying that, what in the world is the disconnect between our schools and employers?

Before restoring “tens of millions in budget cuts” to school funding, let’s be sure a useful curriculum is available and student counseling is in line with the jobs.

Also, shouldn’t cost of living be factored in the wage statistic? We need to do better, but it costs a lot less to live here than in New York.

BOB JESSEN, Meridian

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