Letter: Hospice care

January 20, 2014 

Your article regarding hospice was very offensive to me. My father was on hospice for a lengthy time due to congestive heart failure and other health issues. There was nothing more the doctors could do for him but recommend he be placed on hospice care to keep him comfortable and bring dignity to the remainder of his life.

Some days were good and others extremely difficult, and it was impossible to predict from day to day. The hospice nurses and aides were wonderfully helpful and made it possible for Dad to stay at home, as he financially could not be in a facility and physically was not able to withstand any medical procedures. Mother is legally blind and also has numerous heart issues and would not have been able to be with Dad had he not been able to stay at home. They were married 71 years and did not want to be separated.

Being able to have a hospital bed in the living room was essential but otherwise unaffordable. Please understand the absolute necessity for hospice care and what a wonderful service it provides for those with no other hope or assistance.


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