Letter: Library books

January 20, 2014 

One of the mature behaviors I propose we seek in education includes kids going to the library to find material of interest for them to read. I believe workbooks and all other time takers that injure attitudes toward reading should be re-evaluated.

School libraries' "holdings" can be compared with suggestions of the National Library Association. Letters to the School Board requesting library book augmentation can reflect those. Let's make our school libraries distinguished.

My third grade classes, because I stressed library book reading, made strong use of the library and its offerings. In my class, we read library books along with the required basal. Pupils strongly preferred library books.

The most enlightened school I taught in didn't use basal readers at all. The money that would purchase basal readers and workbooks was used to purchase library books instead. And, the library was always open.

Kids never read basal readers except in schools. Can our schools come closer to what we prepare them for, such as reading library books?


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