Letter: ‘State’ of Idaho

January 18, 2014 

Idaho is a “state.” Denmark is a “state.” Norway is a “state.” We are affiliated with a “United States” “government.” I put government in apostrophes because any government is there only to serve the needs of commerce. If those in the “Statehouse” read this they might hear me.

“Republican” means for a republic — sovereign — not bending to the wills of other countries.

Somebody is in that jet today who may not be from our country and is raining death upon their own family. Ten years ago these chemtrailers denied this program existed. People in the “state” of Washington did not see it through the clouds. The people of the “state” of Oregon did not notice because of the murk. Then the chemtrail goons said, “It is for global warming.”

Last week a global warming expedition got caught in the ice. The temperatures in the Great Lakes region dipped to the lowest in 20 years.

Where? Where are our leaders? When will we have an attorney general? When will we have lawmakers? When will we have a sovereign state of Idaho?


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