Letter: Incumbents

January 17, 2014 

Tough love is sometimes needed when dealing with a child that has lost his way. Politicians start out as adults, but unfortunately the demands that are required of them after only two terms in office will start to change them in ways that we can only imagine. As adults we must help these lost souls known as politicians and send each back to the private sector no matter how much they are liked. In most cases ex-politicians can regain what was lost while in office. Examples: knowing the difference between right and wrong, and most importantly, quit taking our Constitution apart piecemeal.

As legal citizens it is our responsibility to vote out of office any politician (Democrat or Republican) who after two full terms has made too many promises and can’t see how far they have slipped morally. If politicians could think clearly, they would beg us to set them free and allow them to start growing spiritually again. It is our duty to pass on this information to our friends and families. Now is the time to help all politicians across our great nation.

May the Lord keep blessing America.


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