Letter: Wolves

January 17, 2014 

In reply to Lowell Rosanblam’s letter “Wolf hunt”: I would encourage Lowell to read more about our natural history before he makes such a statement in regards to the creatures around us. Those herds and flocks he relies upon so much are hunted by wolves for two very simple reasons: first, they are hungry, and second, because we are in their territory. These predators, whether wolves, mountain lions, or other creatures, have been around for thousands of years in one form or another, so yes, this is a “reintroduction” of sorts, bringing them back into their own native territory.

To take a hypothetical example: How would Rosanblam like it if his town suddenly became a huge city, and they kicked him and other small-town folks out? Probably not a whole lot. Would he like it even less if they sanctioned hunts or other killings against him and his just because he got a little uppity about his dislocation? Essentially, that is what we humans have done to the wolves.

I’m not saying we should let them roam free all the time. Keeping them at a stable population is as important as Rosanblam’s rights.


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