Letter: Wounded veterans

January 17, 2014 

Wounded Warriors ask for money to help our soldiers — soldiers who have been wounded in war while protecting our country and now have to rely on charity for help. Shouldn’t that be a given by our government to make sure these fine men and women would be a priority? This emphasizes the poor condition our country has sunk to.

Has anyone heard anything from all those pompous know- nothings in Washington voice any concern on this issue? The answer is no! Why not? Because they’re too busy worrying about who’s praying and where are they praying, who’s marrying whom, who’s going to win in the next election, and who will win in the latest squabble they conjure up between the elephants or the donkeys.

As far as I’m concerned they’re all donkeys, and I don’t mean which political party they are in. They throw up all sorts of issues in the hopes we don’t realize anything important is never addressed. Let’s send them all back from whatever rock they crawled out from under and try to use our vote for real representatives to help us get out of this quagmire into which they have allowed our country to sink.


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