Fish Rap: Warmer weather makes fishing a better option

rphillips@idahostatesman.comJanuary 16, 2014 

Here's some much-deserved credit where it's due. There were two very different fishing events last weekend that were both successes. One was the annual Youth Ice Fishing Day at Horsethief Reservoir, and hundreds of anglers turned out despite wet, windy weather. Kudos to the organizers, who've turned this into an event so fun that even nasty winter conditions can't put a damper on it.

People got a chance to try ice fishing by just showing up. Nearly everything else was provided by a small army of volunteers led by Sean Cluff of Grubbin' BBQ.

Another cool event was the Western Idaho Fly Fishing Expo. More volunteers highlighted the best of local and regional fly fishing opportunities and businesses, as well as lots of talented fly tyers sharing their skills.

Both events showed how strong and diverse our local fishing community is, and how lucky we all are to have people willing to put down their rods and make a great experience for other anglers.

Back to the report. Boy does a few sunny, warm days change your attitude. I'm getting itchy to get out and cast a line, and the options are looking more attractive.

We're in a cool phase of winter when ice fishing is in its prime and open water fishing starts to improve. Those of us who are year-round anglers know you can catch a fish on any day if you're willing to put some effort into it, but sometimes, you also suffer some foul conditions.

For the casual angler, don't hesitate to get your season started early. No guarantees if you will catch fish, but I guarantee you won't catch any if you're sitting on your couch.

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