Letter: Shooting dogs

January 16, 2014 

When will the Boise police stop shooting dogs? It seems that when there is a lull in police action, the police have an encounter with a dog that involves discharging their weapon because they’re in fear for their life.

I fear a police officer or anyone with a loaded weapon taking shots at a moving target whose aim is questionable. A trailer park is a very confined area, and a trailer lacks a significant structure for a person to take cover, when the bullets are flying.

I would think that the police would be trained to consider their environment prior to discharging their weapon. But apparently not, because as soon as they are in fear, without thinking they start emptying their clip, and God forbid if you are walking down the street, sleeping in your bed next door or watching that big game on your couch.

Where is the logic in the fear defense? Would that mean if I’m in fear, can I whip out my gun and terminate my fear? What if we all subscribed to that mentality?

Chief Masterson, this is not Fallujah, this is Boise. Tell your boys to stop being scared; I’m watching the game.


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