After more than 54 years, Stagecoach Inn calls it quits

January 15, 2014 

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The Stagecoach Inn on Chinden in Garden City, in operation since 1959, will close its doors for good Saturday night.


The Stagecoach Inn, open since 1959 in Garden City, is closing this week.

Jennifer Fraser, who runs the front of the house at the Chinden Boulevard eatery, said Saturday will be the last night for the Stagecoach. News of the closure didn’t get out until Wednesday, but she expects a crowd of people to pay the restaurant a last visit during the next few days.

Asked why the restaurant is closing, Fraser said “not enough business. There are too many new shiny toys out there.”

The Stagecoach Inn filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in January 2013 as a means to keep its liquor license.

According to bankruptcy documents, owners Rick and Jennifer Fraser bought the restaurant in 2007 and then fell behind on tax payments to the state. That prompted the state to seize the restaurant’s liquor license, which could then be resold, Fraser told the Statesman last year.

Not far from the Boise city limits, the Stagecoach often called itself the oldest family-owned restaurant in Boise.

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