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David Staats: Welcome to BI's new monthly edition

January 15, 2014 

Staats, David

David Staats

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If you have never read Business Insider before, I invite you to spend a few minutes browsing.

This is a magazine about Idaho business for Idahoans interested in business. We launched it as a weekly three years ago after asking local business leaders what they wanted to know about their business community. But we’ve realized that many of our stories about people and businesses also have value for a more general readership.

Starting with this edition, we have expanded delivery to everyone who gets the Idaho Statesman's print edition on Wednesdays — by subscription, in vending boxes or at stores. We’ve gone to monthly editions, which will be bigger than the weeklies were. This edition has 64 pages, our largest yet — with more Idaho stories, columns by local experts and other content than ever. They’re on our digital platforms, too.

If you're already a BI reader, the monthlies will be familiar. We haven't changed our focus on providing original and enterprising stories, pictures, graphics, data, opinions and advice.

Each edition will feature in-depth coverage on a particular theme. This month's theme is commercial real estate. Email me if you want our schedule of upcoming themes for the rest of the year.

Thank you for reading Business Insider. We hope you like it. Let me know what you think.

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