Letters to the editor: 01-13-2014

January 13, 2014 

Meridian High School

Meridian High School is currently being renovated, but sadly the fine arts building isn’t being touched. Eric Exline said that there is not any safety concerns in the building and that the reconstruction is only being concentrated on the “academic areas.”

Since when are the arts not academics? These students and teachers work hours and hours before, during and after school to produce concerts and plays and musicals in this building. MHS doesn’t need a 1,000-seat, state of the art auditorium, but it would be nice if these teachers and students didn’t have to deal with possible asbestos, electrical issues, rotting floorboards, leaking ceilings, exterior doors that don’t lock and improperly soundproofed rooms. When looking at all the other fine arts buildings in the district, it is easy to see that MHS is being treated as a second-rate citizen.


Humane Society

Alert! Alert! A huge gold mine is moving closer to town — the Idaho Humane Society is bringing 14,000-plus animals (aka business) closer to the veterinarians of the area. This is exciting news for animals in line to find forever homes. Sadly, some Idaho veterinarians are upset; they’re not connecting the dots, sprucing up, or getting ready for more clients. Instead, they’re spreading fear and prophesying that the IHS, like a creepy villain, might steal their clients and cut into their business.

IHS does plan to move 3.2 miles closer to town someday, where they’ll continue preparing shelter animals for adoption: spaying, neutering, vaccinating, and treating broken bones, eye infections, etc. The upset vets seem fearful of the new facility and want to change the law, restricting the IHS to performing only spays, neuters, and vaccinations. Currently, more than half the shelter animals need more medical care than just the standard procedures. What will happen to those animals? I feel sorry for the upset vets who are fighting to change Idaho laws on their own behalf. Perhaps these upset vets either need to re-evaluate their business plans, or they truly just don’t see what the IHS creates for them in new business: a huge gold mine!


Michelle Obama

Christmas 2013 ended on a good note for our family. The house was full on Christmas Day and two new great-granddaughters were a special gift.

We thank God for our family, state, community of Meridian, Boise Bible College and the growth of our church at the corner of Franklin and Ten Mile roads (2,200 people came for Christmas Eve services).

All this good news is tempered when I read that Michelle Obama congratulated a news broadcaster for announcing her 10-year homosexual relationship. Where is the moral leadership at the national level? Thank God we live in Idaho!


Elect Bryan Smith

Mike Simpson’s consultants are busily applying lipstick to his go-along-to-get-along record. In a recent fundraising letter, Simpson’s handlers spin him as a conservative outsider fighting D.C.: “This deadline is vital in our effort to fight against Washington, D.C., special interests who will say anything to win in 2014. We need to have the financial resources necessary to correct their false attacks on my proven conservative record.”

For the first nine months of 2013, FEC.gov reveals that of the 267 payments Simpson received from special interest lobbyists, more than 96 percent were from out of state — mostly D.C. Regarding individual donors, again the majority are from out of state, and almost all list titles such as “CEO,” “consultant,” “lobbyist,” “chairman/president/CEO.”

His latest campaign flyer has no less than eight references to “conservative,” “proven conservative,” “tough conservative.” However, no amount of lobbyist-funded lipstick can mask the fact that Simpson has proven himself to be the consummate establishment insider — awash in special-interest cash — who wants those pesky conservatives to just sit down and shut up.

That is why grassroots leaders and conservative groups are lining up to support the authentic, principled conservative in the race, Bryan Smith.

A ninth term for Simpson? Why?



There are at least two patterns of verbal communication that are common among the middle-aged and the younger generation that are difficult for oldsters to stomach. These two generations talk too fast and use “you know” repetitively. These patterns may have started years ago with Bryant Gumbel on NBC television, but unfortunately they are too common today.

I suppose motor mouthing by TV commentators and their guests exists because they try to quickly say something in between commercials. It is also possible that the “you knowers” are just using hesitation words while they try to collect sensible thoughts to be expressed. Nevertheless both of these verbal patterns indicate communication has degenerated.


Boise’s bad air

Driving back from Montana just before Christmas, my husband and I were shocked to see the layer of dark brown air that hangs over Boise. When you are in it, you sometimes forget to look at it.

Having grown up in California and lived in most of the West Coast states, it surprises me that Idaho does not have stronger “clean air” standards. I know about inversions and the fact that Ada County is a pocket for air to settle. This is all the more reason why I was extremely surprised to learn that Canyon County does not have the same level of restrictions on car exhaust or fireplace exhaust that is required in Ada County. For those who forget, Canyon County air blows into Ada County. Yet no one seems to care about the fact that we are literally choking to death here. Idaho, when will you wake up and stop it?


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