Letters to the sports editor: Sunday, Jan. 12

January 12, 2014 


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Boise State football

Coach Chris Petersen regularly referred to being an OKG — Our Kind Of Guy — as being part of his criteria for recruiting players. And as I understand it, the first rule regarding conduct for his players was “Do The Right Thing.”

Everything I have read about Coach Harsin leads me to believe that he is on the same page as Coach Pete. If that’s the case, I believe one of his first orders of business should be to determine which player really urinated off that balcony, which players lied about it and blamed Joe Southwick, and then hold them accountable. Acting like a juvenile moron is one thing, but blaming someone else to protect yourself is a despicable act.

The handling of this by the BSU coaches and administration has been an outrageous travesty. Joe deserves for them to abandon their hypocrisy and CYOA mode and behave at least to the standards set for players — act like Our Kind Of Guys and Do The Right Thing. If that doesn’t happen, there will be a cancer on this team for at least the next two years, because rest assured that players on that team know the true story.


The Southwick-in-Hawaii story seems to have slipped down the memory hole. At least I haven’t seen any new follow-up reports since the last week of December. That seems odd, in view of the huge amount of interest on the part of “Bronco Nation.”

We don’t know if it is Joe Southwick or the Bronco football staff or other BSU officials who would prefer that the complete story not be told right now, for whatever reason. But I think the community, and particularly Broncos fans, deserve to know what really happened. Who did what? What are the facts? Was the response of the coaching staff the proper response? These are reasonable questions in my view, and I should think the answers would be newsworthy information.

Something about news coverage of this story just doesn’t seem to make sense. Is there in fact some kind of orchestrated news black-out, or even a cover-up? Or are there legal reasons for one or more parties to this affair wanting to keep a lid on the story? Surely you have investigated, or attempted to investigate these things? Any results so far?

Inquiring minds would like to know.

GARY OJALA, Garden City

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