VIDEO: Wife of pilot Dale Smith talks about discovery of plane Friday

January 11, 2014 

The wife of San Jose pilot Dale Smith told a San Jose television station that searchers, including Dale's brother Dellon, notified her at 1:15 p.m. Friday that Smith's plane had been located.

See the full interview with Janis Smith here.

The plane went missing on Dec. 1 near the Johnson Creek Airport, a grassy airstrip west of McCall and near the tiny town of Yellow Pine.

Janis Smith said it was with the help of an army of online volunteers who scoured images pulled from satellite and video that the plane was found. Dellon Smith, with the team of about a dozen who found the plane, is a 38-year-old commercial pilot from Anchorage.

There were no survivors. Killed in the crash were: Dale Smith, a San Jose software executive; Smith's daughter Amber, and her fiance Jonathan Norton, both students at BYU-Idaho in Rexburg; and Smith's son and daugther-in-law, Daniel and Sheree Smith, of Butte, Mont.

Janis Smith told the NBC Bay Area station there was a fire after the crash, and the remains of the victims were not identifiable.

"There's this huge feeling of relief that they're found, but sadness that they really are gone," Janis Smith said. "Up until now, it was always they're hanging out in a hot springs somewhere, or a cabin somewhere. And now we know that is not the case. But on the other hand, they went quickly. They didn't suffer with cold, and hunger and thirst."

It's unclear when the recovery will happen, as a storm is forecast for the McCall area Saturday. A spokesman for the Valley County Sheriff's Office did not return a call Saturday seeking information about the recovery.

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