Letters to the Editor: giving thanks

January 11, 2014 

Regarding Christmas at the Idaho State Veterans Home:

We would like to thank all those who made our Christmas very special — those who provided gifts, the volunteers who helped the veterans unwrap them, the many volunteers who helped serve the Christmas meals, and all those who helped us make sure the veterans in the area that needed help with Christmas received gifts.

We are very blessed to live in this valley where so many give to support our veterans.

Again, thank you.

CSM PHIL HAWKINS, (Ret.), Volunteer Coordinator, Idaho State Veterans Home, Boise

On behalf of the full-time residents and landowners of Atlanta, we want to extend our thanks and gratitude publicly to the three gentlemen who serve as Elmore County commissioners. Albert Hofer, Franklin Corbus and Wesley Wooten have all shown frequent and significant support of the Atlanta community in northern Elmore County.

Most recently they have met with the Boise County commissioners in an attempt to reach an agreement regarding a plan to provide winter maintenance of the one road that serves Atlanta during the winter months. After Boise County commissioners refused to maintain this lifeline to Atlanta for the coming winter, the Elmore County commissioners came to the table to help resolve the issue. Without this involvement, we Atlanta residents would be facing a most difficult 2013-14 winter. With their help, an agreement has been reached that will allow our residents to maintain contact with the outside world during the harsh winter months.

In Atlanta, we are indebted to our country commissioners for their service and commitment. We appreciate their work on behalf of our community.

ALLEN LAKE, chair; RON SHERER, commissioner and ROBERT BARTIMOCCIA, commissioner; the Atlanta Highway District Commissioners

Thank you to the City of Caldwell for the “magical” Christmas lights along Indian Creek.

Children of every age — from 1 to 92 — should have seen it.


While having a meal at Eddie’s on a Sunday, Dec. 15, someone paid for our meal. Random acts of kindness help all of us to remember how lucky we are. We are hoping to pass it along to someone else. Thank you.


Saturday, Dec. 21, I woke up to about 3 inches of snow on the ground, which of course meant that the same amount had to be removed from my driveway. Just what my ailing 72-year-old back was looking forward to. In any case, I grabbed my shovel and began to tackle the chore at hand. At about 20 minutes into the task, my back had other ideas, and I had to abandon the removal of snow. I went inside to ice pack my back and take some pain medication. I waited about two hours to build up enough fortitude to go back out, and greet the great white monster once again. To my complete surprise, my driveway was cleared — all 16-by-100 feet of it! By whom I know not. I sought knowledge from neighbors and others, and I’ve been unsuccessful to who the elves were, although I might have an idea. I can’t express our gratitude enough to the souls that performed this deed. Their kindness will not stop here, for we will pay it forward in some way. Those of you that did this, please know that your kindness will not be forgotten. The most humblest of thanks. This is why we love Idaho, thank you.


Congratulations to the Idaho Statesman, not only for the excellent articles in the Statesman’s Living Healthy publication but also for the printing of the Health Care article on the Jan. 6 front page. Pages 26 and 27 of Living Healthy say it all for folks to follow to become super healthy and drastically reduce their medical costs. Another excellent article, “How Exercise Revs Brainpower,” is especially important to Idaho folks since Idaho has the highest college dropout rate in the nation and the least number of college graduates. There are many more excellent articles in this issue, too numerous to mention here.

For you skiers who are approaching 70 and are not in the best of health, get healthy so you can ski free at Bogus Basin at age 70. I will be skiing free for the ninth time this season.


On Dec. 24, I found myself with a very lengthy shopping list to accomplish before heading out of town for Christmas. My kids had sent me this list to complete before leaving Boise on Christmas Eve morning. I headed out in dismay, afraid of the time and aggravation these errands would use and create.

I was surprised and delighted to complete the list in well under two hours. I want to thank Whole Foods and WinCo for being very well staffed, including having lots of people on the floor to assist shoppers with unfamiliar items. These two markets made my last-minute shopping quick, efficient, and even pleasant.

Their parking was adequate, shopping carts at the ready, and staff pleasant, helpful and knowledgeable. Next time I am in a crunch, I know where I will shop.


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