Letters to the sports editor: Sunday, Jan. 5

January 5, 2014 


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Joe Southwick

I understand how young men act, but this thing with Joe Southwick is bringing down all the good coach Chris Petersen did for Boise, and no one seems to care about his good name. The whole story stinks of sour grapes.

People fell in love with Southwick as a player, but all you had to see is his ball floated when it was in the air, and when he ran he was scared and would go down without taking a chance.

This is not a tale of his playing ability, but of his truthfulness. All you had to do was look into his eyes to tell he wasn’t telling the truth.

Where were his parents during that nine hours of his stay at the airport? When he got home, who paid for the lie-detector test and how much did it cost?

This seems like a lie from someone who made a bad choice on that hotel balcony and now figures he can take down the whole BSU establishment by crying wolf. Everyone should see this ploy for what it is.

Coach Pete would never let it go this far.


Cool — BroncoNation is now UriNation.


Dumping Southwick at the airport nine hours before his flight? Sending him home before a thorough investigation was done? This smacks of a very personal, very petty response to ... wait for it ... whizzing off a balcony. Really?

Has Southwick ever been in trouble before? Hasn’t he given his best efforts for the BSU football team, only to be shafted by the BSU staff in the final game of his college career?

I think Southwick’s leadership and strong efforts warrant giving him the benefit of the doubt, at the very least, and a second chance if he was actually involved in the incident.

Talk about overreacting and petty. Shame on you, BSU. I will think twice before buying football tickets next year.


Vandals coverage

I just wanted to comment on a letter Ellen Harris published in your paper Dec. 31.

She was irritated because someone suggested that the University of Idaho should have more coverage in the Statesman. She said, after all, this is the Treasure Valley and our team is the Broncos. I’m sure Moscow has a newspaper.

It shouldn’t have been such an irritating statement because I am almost positive she is not from Idaho. Idahoans know that all colleges in Idaho have students from all over the state and, after all, Boise is the capital of Idaho and represents the whole state.

Very few students at the University of Idaho are from Moscow, as well as the students at Boise State are not all from the Treasure Valley. A large percentage of the Boise Valley students go to Moscow. I hope she understands what I am trying to say.


It is quite impressive that the U of 1 — that’s what I call the college up North during the football season, as their logo and number of wins call for it — got an All-American punter, that’s for sure.

Do you realize what it takes to get an All-American punter? Not very many first downs.

I really think if you want coverage, you should either move to Moscow or subscribe to their paper. The Statesman already has a hard enough time covering all the high schools in the area.

As for overpaid coaching, how is that treating you? I think the U of 1 should listen to Mark Schlereth and move back to the Big Sky. It will take the recruiting of some talent, but I think the Vandals could be right in the middle of the pack in that conference.

Keep your head up.


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