Letters to the Editor, 01-05-2014

January 5, 2014 

Wolf hunt

It is very embarrassing to live in this state. I refer to the barbaric “killing for thrills” wolf and coyote contest held, which is not only pagan and uncivilized and unnecessary, but is reducing the already limited number of wolves in Idaho. Wolves, in case you haven’t been enlightened, are necessary to the ecosystem. The contest even allowed children to participate. What kind of message does this send to children everywhere? It says it’s OK to kill for thrills. Mom and Dad have no respect for wildlife, so why should they respect any life? It’s just been Christmas, a time of peace on earth. But in Idaho, land of the wild, perverted skinheads, it is just another day to kill God’s creatures for no good reason. Idaho is an embarrassment to the whole nation.


Nelson Mandela

Am I the only one not awed by the parroted nostalgia following Mandela’s death?

Mandela had admirable ideas, and yes, while associated with communists and sharing many ideas (as confirmed by Politifact), he simply did this out of survival for his cause. Nevertheless, Marxist ideals and land grabs from whites became rife in South Africa, which made him complicit in those troubles (Zimbabwe-fication).

Did he and the ANC bring prosperity and freedom to South Africa? Not remotely. It is a nation rife with tribalist “winner takes all” barbarism sanctioned by a corrupt ANC-dominated government that persecutes the Boer and Afrikaner minority, Somalis, and other blacks outside the Xhosa tribe (which dominates the ANC). The scale of nauseating crimes being committed against the minorities in that country completely overshadows apartheid-era police state crimes. Visit the Afrikaner Genocide Museum website sometime. The crimes are beyond words.

It’s sickening that the sycophants of media and popular opinion create a messiah out of a foolish, naive idealist who led his country into a swamp of violence and murder absent the rule of law. Read “Into the Cannibal’s Pot” by Ilana Mercer if you dare, or if you value justice and truth.


Bell ringers

When I walked out of the grocery store the other day, I could tell the bell ringer was trying to make me feel guilty for not throwing a few coins in her can. She rang her bell as loud as she could and yelled “Merry Christmas” at me. Well, it didn’t work. See, I vote Democrat, and I feel we do far more to help the poor than she’ll ever accomplish with her can of coins. I believe raising the minimum wage, not cutting food stamps, extending unemployment benefits and helping people get health insurance runs circles around her silly can.

In my opinion, those cans are for Republicans to feel self-righteous about their generosity towards the poor by throwing in 28 cents. Then come Sunday, they’ll be in church feeling all warm and fuzzy due to their overwhelming generosity that they partook in during the week.


Big families

Recently you included a “Bah humbug” letter from a gentleman who had raised six children and was bitter about the burdens involved, and definitely felt he had not received or appreciated the rewards.

My wife and I also had six children. They are all grown now and have given us 17 grandchildren.

As a construction manager, I moved the family to nine states and one foreign country. The children went to many different schools and experienced many different cultures. We helped them to become self-reliant and strong. We were a single-income family for the first 20 years, but we were able to have fun together, participating in their school activities, sports and music. We paid their college tuition and they paid the rest. Five graduated from college and one is a successful building contractor. But above all they learned to love one another.

A year ago all the children and grandchildren were here to celebrate my wife’s birthday. We had a big party, and what a joyous occasion it was.

Yes, they were hard times, but great rewards, too. How could anything be better? How could our lives and the love given and received be more fulfilling?


Humane Society

For decades private practice veterinarians have been moaning about non-profits having an unfair competitive market advantage.

In other states, they have tried, and almost always failed, to put up barriers to animal shelters even providing sterilization services and vaccination clinics, let alone full public veterinary services (like the Idaho Humane Society provides). And what is the unfair competitive advantage a non-profit veterinary hospital has? At most, it’s that it has no property tax burden.

Do vets really think charitable organizations like the IHS are not providing far more value to our communities than a minimal property tax bill?

Let’s recognize what’s really going on here. These conspiratorial veterinarians have formed their own version of a trade cartel. They are seeking to eliminate the IHS veterinary hospital not because it competes unfairly (non-low-income qualified owners pay comparable fees to those charged by other local practices) but simply because it competes at all. Agencies like the IRS exist to regulate what nonprofits can or cannot do. As has been reported, IHS was audited by the IRS and was found in full compliance.

Our Legislature has no business even considering the sort of government overreach that these small-minded veterinarians propose.


Construction issue

I am very, very concerned about how the Lake Hazel Estates proposed subdivision will affect the use and development of the property that is alongside my property. There are a lot of really serious questions about the project that I believe must be answered first. The California developer plans to put 44 homes on 55 acres. How will all those septic tanks affect the surrounding underground water and any existing wells very near to them?

What really bothers me is that we were not notified as we should have been about this housing development. The commissioners voted to extend the project three more years without giving folks a chance to make their concerns and objections known. Now they tell us it is too late to do anything because we didn’t protest at a meeting they never told us was being held. They even overrode the Planning and Zoning Commission’s decision to deny the project plan. We need our elected representatives to really care about our future farming needs for all concerned!

I sincerely object to Lake Hazel Estates developing this property! There are just too many questions, too few answers and too quick of a rush by the commissioners to make it happen.


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