BOOK REVIEW: Idaho author pens interesting historical romance

pbrewer@idahostatesman.comJanuary 5, 2014 


    by Sky Alexander (Idaho); CreateSpace Independent Publishing ($21.99)

"I’ll Never be Free: The Fires of Love & Hate” is a sweeping historical saga of a woman who is given advantages in life through circumstances beyond her control, how she deals with them and how she lives her life.

Hattie Morran is from a poor family in Missouri. She gains the love and affection of an older woman, Rebecca Garland, who wants Hattie to marry her son, Abner. Rebecca is planning to leave all her wealth to Hattie, bypassing both her son and husband.

This of course leads to deception and betrayal, something to be expected when lives are turned upside down.

The difficulties that Hattie goes through show how determined she can be and that she must continue on no matter what happens.

According to the author, this story is loosely based on his family history.

My take: This is a good story for those who like romances based on some truth, a bit of history and some legends, a book filled with rich settings and culture that is very character-driven.

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