BOOK REVIEW: Boise author writes riveting crime investigation drama

Special to the Idaho StatesmanJanuary 5, 2014 


    by Raymond J. Davis (Boise); Coliseum Publishing LLC ($5.99)

In his second book in the Dark Side of Justice series, Boise author Raymond Davis, a former crime scene investigator, has written an engrossing novel involving murder, extensive investigation and a trial to keep the reader turning the pages.

As in his first book, the key figure is Carl Bowman, a CSI now relocated to the San Francisco Bay area and employed by the San Mateo County sheriff’s Forensic Laboratory as a criminalist in the firearm and tool mark section.

The murder — one bullet to the chest and two to the head — takes place on page 1, and we know who committed the crime.

The body is loaded in the victim’s car, but we must wait until the body is discovered in the trunk of his BMW.

Now the investigation starts.

Bowman teams with veteran homicide detective Calvin Bishop to devise a plan to find the killer and seek justice on behalf of the victim.

The author leads us through the investigation, including the analysis of the spent cartridges that gives the book its title.

In the course of his work, Bowman opens the door to a series of unsolved vigilante-style drug-related homicides. Two cases are now ongoing. All told we receive an awareness of the real CSI process that is in contrast to the television series.

The book concludes with a riveting court case and the excitement and surprise of the conclusion.

My recommendation: A must-read.

C. Norman Beckert is the Idaho district director for SCORE, the Service Corps of Retired Executives.

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