Gem prosecutor won't seek death penalty in Emmett murder

January 4, 2014 

Douglas Everett Anderson

Douglas Everett Anderson is accused of killing Darole Carpenter, 78, on July 8 to conceal that he defrauded the Emmett saddle maker out of $30,000. Carpenter was stabbed and bludgeoned to death.

Authorities say Anderson agreed to buy cattle and hay with Carpenter's money but had no intention of carrying out the deal.

Gem County Prosecuting Attorney Richard Linville has decided against seeking the death penalty.

Anderson, a former Emmett resident, was arrested Sept. 6 at his home near Salmon, in Lemhi County. He is charged with first-degree murder, forgery and three counts of theft by false promise.

A spot of Carpenter's blood was found in Anderson's vehicle, the Idaho State Police said. Video footage placed the vehicle at Carpenter's residence at the time of the murder, police said.

Anderson is also accused of a separate fraud in which he allegedly cheated a couple out of $230,000 that he also said he would use to buy cattle and hay.

Anderson, who is being held without bond in the Gem County Jail in Emmett, has pleaded not guilty to the charges filed in Carpenter's death.

If convicted of first-degree murder, Anderson could face a life sentence.

Anderson is scheduled to go to a trial heard by a jury June 24. Third District Judge Susan Wiebe will preside.

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