Letters to the Editor, 01-04-2014

January 4, 2014 


I read with interest the letter about abortion by Harley D. Brown.

I agree with him about paying the girls to go through their pregnancies and pay adoption expenses or support the child. I believe the payment should be by the baby's father, not the taxpayer. He should be required to pay her medical expenses and either pay the adoption expenses or support the child.

I read somewhere boys as young as 14 have been successfully sued for child support.

I'm against abortion. I'm a member of Idaho Chooses Life.


Wolf hunt

So the tree-hugger wackos are upset about Mr. McAfee's wolf derby in Salmon. Boo-hoo! One can only hope that the participants slaughter wolves in the same way that wolves slaughter ungulates on a nightly basis statewide all year long. The gall of these prima donnas sitting in their ivory offices in places like Washington, D.C., Boise, San Francisco, wherever, dictating to "small town" Idaho that they have to accept this illegal introduction (not re-introduction) of wolves, which was done back in 1996. Contrary to what the local "authorities" say, Echinococcus granulosis (tape worms) is a serious parasite worthy of great respect. The eggs of this parasite are in every pile of scat that any wolf leaves behind. Don't let little "Muffie" do any rolling in it. These tree-huggers should take their agenda and apply it in their own backyards. Fat chance! You go, Mr. McAfee.


Animal neglect

Top stories to catch up on from Dec. 18: After reading the article about the woman charged with leaving her 5-year-old out in the cold, I found myself frustrated. One child is left out for 15 minutes and it draws statewide attention. Whereas neglected animals are chained or locked out in the cold with no shelter, water or food for days on end not receiving the care or attention they deserve. Because we cannot hear them does not mean they are not crying and shivering in the cold like the child found outside. I am reminded of a quote by M. Gandhi: The greatness of a nation and its moral progress, can be judged by the was its animals are treated. Tis' the season for giving and sharing, which should apply to every living thing, not just us humans.


The Constitution

Unlike a super-majority of sheriffs and other elected officials in Colorado and other states in the West at the local and state level, a majority of our sheriffs and elected officials refuse to educate themselves on either the state or federal constitutions necessary to properly conduct their office. Their aggressive ignorance is harming all the people of our state.

That ignorance allowed the creation a state insurance exchange now mired in the floundering mess that is Obamacare, only to grow far worse in 2014. It allows a deteriorating public education system to become an even larger captive of federal bureaucracy. It allows every day more federal intrusions, budgetary and agency control in areas far outside the boundaries set by Articles I-IV and VI of the U.S. Constitution.

There also appears to be a high degree of willful ignorance of economics and immorality at work that falsely believes it's actually a net positive to receive large amounts of federal dollars into our state rather than being a net negative to economic growth. The damage being done is going to grow ever larger in 2014 unless the voters start educating themselves and voting accordingly in the coming election year.



The fundamental bases of our country's freedoms are being challenged, not by meanies outside our borders, but by our own government. George Orwell long ago wrote the goofy sounding book, "1984." He wrote about big brother nosing into our private lives without our consent or approval. And even thinking about challenging what our government does would be treason. Remember, fellow Americans, the right and responsibility to speak out publicly against government policies we oppose is essential to the governmental system we all revere so much.

So here is this fellow Snowden who is forced to leave our country and live abroad because he spoke out about our government spying on all of us. Our system needs our active involvement when we feel that our rights are being violated. So have you written a letter to the editor, called your members of Congress, or taken some steps to change what is happening to us right now? Remember those folks in D.C. are our employees, and we pay their salaries, and travel costs!


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