Our View: Launching a worthy New Year’s tradition with the Idaho Potato Drop

January 3, 2014 

Credit Dylan Cline for knowing that thousands of Idahoans would come out on a cold night and watch a 17-foot Styrofoam potato descend from the U.S. Bankesphere into the mash pit of spec-taters below at the Grove on New Year’s Eve.

At various times in history, somebody has to step up and decide that good, clean fun deserves to raise its pretty head and wink back at all of our seriousness.

Though we’re not certain Cline is going to win one of those $625,000 MacArthur Foundation awards for creating a more “just, verdant and peaceful world,” his vision for a potato drop in Boise gave the state something to look foward to, and the community something to smile about.

We challenge the Idaho Legislature to accomplish as much in the coming weeks — though we know they will try.

At the very least, we hope the city of Boise, Downtown nightlife businesses, the Idaho Potato Commission and anybody else in the Idaho potato industry will recognize that Cline is on to something — a bandwagon upon which there is still plenty of room.

Though there was a sprinkling of sponsors to help usher in the first Idaho Potato Drop, Cline said he ponied up around $75,000 himself to pull this off. He’ll understandably need financial help next year, and probably the addition of some new wrinkles, which could result in even greater expense and excitement — and opportunity.

Cline has shown that proper vision and planning can still create an iconic experience on an otherwise potentially tired and predictable holiday evening.

We hope the Treasure Valley and the appropriate industry sponsors recognize that the Idaho Potato Drop was a winner and that planning IPD 2015 starts, ah, now.

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