2014 brings a milestone for last of the baby boomers

Sacramento BeeDecember 31, 2013 

Like the more than 4.8 million other people born in 1964, Melinda Michael Eppler remembers the Vietnam War era only vaguely, as something that happened when she was a young child. The Kennedy assassination she recalls was Robert Kennedy’s murder in Los Angeles, not his older brother’s in Dallas, which occurred the year before she was born.

Everyone she knew had a sibling or two – or five – and they played outside well after dark. Woodstock wasn’t one of the formative cultural experiences of her youth: watching “The Brady Bunch” was. And her favorite music, which she listened to on the family room stereo, ran more to the Partridge Family than the Beatles.

“My older brothers did not care much for David Cassidy,” said Eppler, executive director of the Fulton Avenue Association business district in Sacramento. “They called him inappropriate names. I’d get upset.”

Here they come, bringing up the end of the parade, just as they always have: The youngest members of the baby boom generation begin turning 50 on New Year’s Day. Happy birthday, youngest boomers, and welcome to your AARP cards and discounted Denny’s meals.

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